Without a shadow of a doubt, my number one wardrobe fixation has to be J Brand jeans… I have yet to find another brand that fits my skinny legs as well without being too tight around the waist, plus all their recent forays into high-waisted styles have been right up my alley. Personally I find the higher waists way more flattering on me than low-riders, not to mention that they are far more comfortable and do not flash your underwear each time you sit down. Which can only ever be a good thing.

Recent loves have included the ‘Major’ style, which aren’t made of traditional denim, more of a really dark blue twill, and have zippers from the ankles up. I love how they hit the ankle in a very Audrey Hepburn-esque fashion and don’t scream ‘jeans’ for occasions when I want to dress them up a little. I bought mine last December in Trilogy in London and they have literally been worn to death.

Fearing their demise, I recently bought a backup pair, the Maria style. These are in a more traditional-looking denim, but the colour I chose, Starless, is a really classy dark denim. They are very stretchy and comfy, almost like jeggings, except they look substantial enough across the bum to be worn as pants, unlike most jeggings. My new denim crush, definitely.

And as these things have a way of spiralling (when it comes to my J Brand relationship anyway!) I added another pair of the Maria style in black, the Hewson. Perfectly plain and stylish, denim heaven.

Maria jeans on the left, Major jeans on the right.