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So I was on a bit of a quest for the perfect nude pumps… You know when you get an idea of something in your head and you just want to find the perfect version, but everything out there isn’t quite right? That is how my quest for nude pumps has been!

I first saw these, pretty much the perfect nude pumps, but at $595 definitely way out of my price range! They got me thinking though about how useful a pair like that could be – I have some navy dress pants that are a bit of a pain to figure out shoe options for, plus summer work dresses – the usual black pumps just look wrong.

My quest entailed a few months of rummaging around – I couldn’t find a pair that were plain enough for my liking and work-appropriate – I didn’t want any ginormous platform soles or tacky wooden heels, thanks very much. Then last month I was back at home for a week and whilst there I spotted the perfect pair in L.K. Bennett – not a shop I usually frequent I must say (sometimes I think it’s a bit too conservative for my tastes) but I saw these in a department store & finally picked them up in the York branch.

So far my new shoes have been doing me good service – I wore them for a presentation, for an interview and I was going to wear them to the races (with a blue and white patterned dress) before I changed my mind and switched them out for silver sandals. Now I think I’ll send them off to get sole protectors put on them; I hadn’t found a good cobbler here in San Francisco but thanks to 9 to 5 Chic’s helpful post on the subject I now have somewhere to try!