If you’re in a Starbucks this week, keep an eye out for the Song of the Week cards for a free download from iTunes. They often have pretty good stuff, given my Starbucks habit I tend to see most of them and lately there’s been some good tracks from Adele and Ben Harper, among others.

This week the song is Calgary by Bon Iver, from their second, self-titled album. If you’re not familiar with the group, it was founded in 2007 by the singer-songwriter Justin Vernon, and the majority of their début album, For Emma, Forever Ago was apparently recorded over three months in a remote cabin in Wisconsin…. On this album, I absolutely loved the songs Flume and Skinny Love, sooo worth a listen.

The video for Calgary is as beautiful and unusual as the song. Only problem with the free songs from Starbs is that they often compel me to buy the rest of the album, which *might* have also happened in this instance…