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I always used to be on the fence about Kate Middleton’s style when they were dating – she always looked neat and put together but sometimes I thought she dressed a little too frumpy for someone in their mid-20s as she was at the time. Although if I had paparazzi following me around who knows, I daresay I’d be more conservative… I felt there was a bit of an over-reliance on sensible boots, knee length skirts and of course tights (pantyhose over here).
Since he put a ring on it though, I think she’s been looking so much cuter! Maybe she feels more confident to experiment a bit now she’s married, but some of her latest looks have been winners as far as I’m concerned!
I like how she champions British designers, much in the same way Michelle Obama has done for American ones, although I wish she’d stop wearing as much Reiss… From a purely self-interested perspective about half of my wardrobe is from there and she keeps creating such a frenzy that things fly off the shelves and the website crashes. It’s blatantly going to be more expensive next time I’m stocking up there in the UK!
Some recent hits…

In a Reiss dress (which she also wore for one of her engagement portraits) with a jaunty hat and shoes for Canada Day.

In military-esque McQueen and a diamond shamrock for a visit to the Irish Guards.

In one of the Temperley labels (forget which) at Wimbledon.

In another Reiss dress to meet Michelle Obama (who I normally think looks fab but am definitely not a fan of this shiny, pastel creation).

In Jenny Packham at the ARK gala.

And finally, looking lovely at Ascot in a Reiss dress, Joseph jacket and a cute little hat. I loved this outfit, I think she looks sophisticated and gorgeous.

Whilst looking for images for this post, I found the blog What Kate Wore – they seem to have found the source of pretty much everything Miss M./Mrs. W has worn if you’re interested! All pics are from there.