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I LOVE stationary in all of its wonderful forms. I love the back-to-school time in September when everyone’s stocking up on all sorts of new writing instruments, diaries (I love academic year ones), files and pencil cases. Yes, I’m a geek I know. My problem became compounded whilst at university – I press on like a demon when I’m writing for some strange reason so I don’t really like using biros – ouch hand cramp! I also studied Arabic as one of my majors for my undergrad and finding pens that mark nicely (biros tend to not mark the required dots on Arabic letters clearly enough) but that don’t smudge (as I’m a rightie and you write Arabic right to left) became something of a fixation.

Here are my daily-basis favourites:

Wide variety of Sharpies – I use their highlighters, fine liner pens and their thicker markers. I also have a mini marker in my handbag that’s pretty useful at times! They come in so many different colours, you can find exactly what you want.

Mont Blanc Frédéric Chopin fountain pen and matching rollerball. These were 18th and 21st birthday presents from my uncle and I love them both. I love fountain pens as a writing tool as I find them easy to write with, make your handwriting look nicer and don’t give you hand cramp! Invaluable during my final exams when I was churning out reams of pages during three hour French philosophy and literature exams. The rollerball is also nice to write with, handy if you’re putting notes on something or scribbling a quick message as it looks so much neater than biro. Also, I use cartridges for the fountain pen which are super convenient.

Uni-Ball Vision Micro Point. The perfect pens to have in all your bags – cheap but write beautifully. I was turned onto these by a friend of mine who is very knowledgeable about all sorts of different products – she’s a connoisseur for sure – and haven’t looked back. They write really nicely and if I don’t want to be carting around my Mont Blanc pens, these are my go-tos.

Moleskine notebooks – various shapes and sizes! Love these and use them for everything – have smaller ones for carrying in my bag, bigger one for taking notes etc. I was extremely reliant on my Paris City Guide version when I lived there, it has really detailed maps, the Métro map and pages to keep notes of phone numbers, favourite destinations etc. Plus no-one can tell when you don’t know where you’re going which I think is fab – it’s a pet peeve of mine to have to whip out a guidebook somewhere obvious. Sooo touristy.

Any other awesome stationary I need to know about?