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It’s been interesting following the recent changes in the magazine world, especially in the domain of shelter magazines… Lots of people mourned the end of certain publications, such as Domino and Blueprint, apparently uncompetitive in today’s rough marketplace. I personally thought it was a bit of a shame that these two went out of all of them as they were more aimed at the young end of the market – there are still (in my opinion) fusty home mags out there but I guess it’s a case of reader demand. More people must appreciate chintz, or perhaps young people aren’t as likely to go out and buy a home magazine as they are something like InStyle or Vogue.

However, where one door closes another opens, and the last year has seen an interesting shift in the lifestyle magazine arena, with the opening of a slew of online publications. The added bonus of these for readers is that they are free (for the time being at least, I’ll be intrigued to see if there is a change in this as readers move more towards online magazines) and they provide an interactive reading experience. If you see something you like, you can click on it and be transported to another site. Here are my personal favourites:


To my knowledge, the first one that really kicked things off in the online sphere. All of the homes displayed here are drop-dead gorgeous, but there’s a good mix of styles and so on. I think this is a general strength of the online publications in that they don’t exclusively feature multi-million dollar homes. One of my favourite articles was about two sisters who bought apartments in the same building in New York and their pretty different designs – see the February/March issue if you want to read the whole piece. I loved both but I particularly liked all the turquoise in this apartment:

Love the painting behind the couch – done by the apartment owner’s mum!

The WC in the same apartment, with one of the Christian Chaize prints I love so much!

If you’re looking for decoration inspiration, there is also a section on the Lonny site that displays images by type of room, so you can click to your heart’s content on a ton of different living rooms, bedrooms etc.

Matchbook Magazine

Matchbook covers a range of different topics, from dress to reading recommendations and décor. Things I loved in the current issue included a feature on super cute office accessories, a feature on Rebecca Minkoff – who I have a total girl crush on thanks to her Morning After Clutch and her blog, Minkette – and a sweet piece on summer holiday essentials….

High Gloss 

Edited by Paloma Contreras of the blog La Dolce Vita, High Gloss has a fab mix of beauty, fashion and design articles. The current issue is LA-themed and features lots of swanky pads, an interview with the blogger Megan Biram (of Mimi + Meg), Lauren Conrad’s beauty essentials and an awesome piece on swimsuits. I have a little getaway coming up (more on that soon!) and was swooning over all of them….

Unfortunately said article showed me this Zimmerman suit, which I would probably give up my future firstborn for, but $345 is not *quite* what I was envisaging spending on a swimsuit. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for a cheaper version somewhere!

And last but not least, Rue

Similar deal to Lonny, lots of lush interiors…

All the above make for some great reading…. Add that to Pinterest (my new favourite procrastination tool) and you’re set 🙂