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Uh-oh, I’ve found something else to tempt me away from all the things I *should* be doing…. If you haven’t encountered Pinterest yet, you’re in for a treat. It’s an online collection of pinboards you can make on any subject you desire – so if you’re planning a décor redesign, some closet therapy, a party or a wedding you can create interactive boards full of your inspiration. You can also browse other’s boards, which are linked to the sources so you can hit upon recipes, how-tos and a ton of beautiful photographs.

I love it for keeping everything in one spot – before I had a slightly clumsy system of downloading images I liked, which was sort of ok but then I’d lose them in various folders on my computer. Also when I started this blog I had to go rummaging around for the sources of whatever pics I wanted to use, whereas with Pinterest all the information is there where you need it! There’s a nifty app for iPhones too which is equally addictive.

Lastly, you can follow the boards of others – your friends or just people who’s style you appreciate… That’s how I found these Nutella Truffles… Such a bad idea for me to try them, given my pre-existing Nutella obsession. Other pinboard discoveries below!

This awesome waterfall braid is my new hair obsession… and not that hard to DIY. It can’t be because I’m a bit hair-special. It looks so cute and is the perfect solution for straggly-hair days (or is it just me that has those?).

To get onto Pinterest, you can either get someone else to invite you or request an invite from the site. If you would like me to invite you, leave a message below and I’ll send you one 🙂 I cannot be held responsible for the amount of time you’ll spend here though!