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Is it just me or does that title sound vaguely inappropriate? It’s not an inappropriate post, I promise!

So I have a problem, and I’m not ashamed to admit it – I am 100% addicted to Nutella. As you may have gathered from the Nutella truffles picture on my Pinterest post… So addicted in fact, that I can’t keep it in the house as a large jar will invariably disappear over the space of about 2 days, largely eaten by itself, with a spoon. Oh dear. I am also quite the little fro yo fan, not as avid as others I know but it usually hits the spot!

Then I heard a rumour that there was somewhere in San Francisco that had had the incredible idea of combining the two… Thus the quest was launched, and thanks to the nifty little Yelp app I discovered that the place in question was just up the street! Just up the street being over the top of one of SF’s ginormous hills but whatever.

The Loving Cup on Polk (at Union) is the cutest little fro you and rice pudding spot, down to the cutesy décor. They also have DELICIOUS fro yo, and will mix any of an array of toppings into your yoghurt! Quite why you would bother with anything other than Nutella is beyond me, but I guess everyone is entitled to their preferences…
If you’re in the area, you have to try this place!