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One of my favourite things about grocery shopping in the US is Trader Joe’s – this place is incredible! I have one about a 5 minute walk from my house which is great (even if the return journey, laden with bags, is uphill!). There are MANY things I am addicted to from there – the Honey Goat’s Cheese, the coffee, which you grind in store, all the dried fruit and nuts and the Lavender Body Scrub.

My most recent find is Mojito Salmon – a friend of mine turned me onto it and I’ve been hooked ever since! It’s 2 frozen fillets of salmon with a light vegetable sauce, kind of like a salsa, and it’s perfect for days when you’ve been crazed and don’t have the energy to cook. Stick it in the oven and you have a perfect, healthy dinner ready for you later!

I had it for dinner yesterday with some arugula, and a quinoa salad I made with cucumbers, goats cheese and mini heirloom tomatoes, it was delicious. Give it a whirl 😉