I keep seeing so many amazing DIY projects on the Internet that I feel very inspired to try out some of my own! My mum has always had a sewing machine and is very handy with it, she whips up curtains, cushion covers and all sorts of other stuff. I used to make the odd item of clothing on it, but sadly now the sewing machine is still in the UK and I am in the US….

One person who also seems very handy with a sewing machine is A Pair and A Spare, an Australian blogger living in Hong Kong. She knocks up all sorts of incredible creations, including this DIY dress and belt combination and this cute little bustier top made out of a rug, of all things. Ingenious!

However, more on my current level of DIY skills are all the amazing bracelet projects over at Honestly WTF… I can’t wait to try the top two out!