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Yesterday was an awesome Friday – did some work in the morning, then met up with a friend and proceeded through the following:

Gown shopping – My graduation from my business school is going to be a formal gala, so I need to find a long dress. I *think* I might have found it, but will keep you updated on that front!

Manicures & Pedicures – I found this great place in the Marina that does $20 mani-pedis, including a shoulder and foot massage… Sweet! It’s my go-to spot 🙂

I got Essie’s Limoscene for my manicure, and Essie’s Exotic Liras (a hot pink) on my toes. I love the Limoscene so much I think I might invest in this one…. Not like I don’t have enough nude shades already 😉

Dinner at Chilayo (Chestnut Street). This is a cute little Mexican spot that grows its own vegetables, only serves either organic or natural meat and has a huge salsa bar. We got delicious burritos, plus some happy hour watermelon sangria. Mmmm.

After that we hit up the Presidio Theater to see the LAST EVER Harry Potter film – which was incredible! We saw it in 3D which was pretty cool too, am so happy with how they turned this series into the films. I hate it when people butcher good books but I feel like everything in the Harry Potter films looks exactly how I’d envisaged it.

Finally, on the way home we were thrilled to discover that the Loving Cup was still open so we stopped by for some dessert… All in all a lovely afternoon/evening!