I cannot wait for Florence + The Machine to release another album; the first one, Lungs, has been pretty much on constant play in my life since it was released in 2009. She’s taken off in the US too now, and has been touring lots of late. I love the album as it’s consistently good – there are only a couple of songs I’m wild about. Love it when that happens, August and Everything After by the Counting Crows is another one I can pretty much go all the way through. This is probably still my favourite song from the album though (with Rabbit Heart a close second!):

She also has some rockin’ stage style going on. I think she’s around 6′ tall and she works some awesome stage outfits. My personal choice was this white getup from Glastonbury 2010, image from here. It was kind of a fancy leotard with this huge sleeve, which looked incredible as she went leaping around the stage. Love the white with her red hair too!

A Pair and A Spare posted some costume sketches from her 2009 Glastonbury performance which are equally fab. I have a total style crush going on!