So I can write this without fear of my mother calling to lecture me (she doesn’t know the address of my blog) but I’m seriously considering getting a tattoo. I’ve thought about this for a few years and am kind of thinking now if I’m 25 and still tempted it’s more than some sort of adolescent rebellion?
The only things I’m still deciding about are the location (either on my ribs or my foot) and what exactly I want it to say – I want script of some description and I have a few ideas but I’ve still not settled 100%.

Some of the tattoos I’ve found that I think look good include:

Nikki Reed, image from here.

This tattoo of a feather (which I wouldn’t get personally but I think it looks beautiful just the same), from here.

Foot tattoo, from here.

I also have a ton more on my Pinterest page, there are so many beautiful tattoos floating around out there!

What do you think about tattoos – yay or nay?