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So we got the show on the road from LA and arrived in Palm Desert, where we have been doing very little (blissful!) for the last couple of days. As we arrived on Friday we thought we would just hang out at the pool Saturday and Sunday then start exploring today. It’s been SO hot – 42C and 116F were the readings I saw today! Fortunately our pool is surrounded with cabanas and misters that help keep you cool a bit, but I’m basically in the pool every 20 minutes when I can’t take it anymore!

We first enjoyed some of this… Bought during my trip to Carneros the other weekend.

Today started as all good days do with a delicious breakfast – we headed over to The King’s Highway. It’s the restaurant attached to the Ace Hotel, a super retro motel. It’s literally like going back in time, just with delicious food… I had the ricotta hotcakes which were lush!

Then we headed over to the Desert Hills Premium Outlets in nearby Cabazon. Whilst I didn’t have the best luck during our shopping expedition today, I can say that these outlets were some of the best I’ve been to! Along with all the usual favourites (J. Crew in my case!) there were a ton of designer shops – Diane von Furstenberg, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Seven for All Mankind, Splendid, Prada, Bottega Veneta… It seemed like a lot of the smaller sizes were sold out which was a shame, but I did find something at Kate Spade!

I’ve been looking for a little card wallet for a while to take out with me that would fit in my clutch bags – have had too many things fall out of my bag on various nights out (lipgloss, eyeliner, and most annoyingly, keys!) that I was concerned it was just a matter of time before either my card or my ID fell out. And going to the DMV any more than is absolutely necessary = a bad idea in my book. I found this bright yellow card holder today and I love it!