We did briefly contemplate camping out in our Palm Desert apartment for a bit longer to see how long it would take them to kick us out but we dragged ourselves back to reality yesterday and drove the 8-ish hours to San Francisco. Had the usual fun queuing to get over the Bay Bridge, honestly traffic in this area seems to be insane at all hours of the day!

The Help was amazing, you should go and see it ASAP! Pic from here.

Plans for the next few days include an outdoor showing of Jaws tonight (should be interesting!) and most exciting of all, I’m off to see Adele in concert tomorrow. I am BEYOND excited about this as I think she’s awesome – such a fantastic voice and her music is different than the usual mainstream stuff we’re constantly bombarded with. A friend of mine donated the tickets as her boyfriend wanted to whisk her off to Hawaii, so we’re very grateful for this happy twist of fate!

Here’s what I’m looking forwards to 🙂