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Have you tried the Perfect Baked Tofu from Healthy Tipping Point yet? If not, you should! I’m not a vegetarian (by a long shot!) but I am very particular about where my meat comes from, how it’s treated etc. and this combined with my student budget means I often prepare vegetarian meals for myself. I actually really enjoy a lot of vegetarian dishes, I would just miss meat too much to give it up for good, especially as that would majorly limit my choices in lots of places – not a fan of the portobello mushroom option that seems to be ubiquitous everywhere!

So this tofu recipe is delicious and so quick and easy to throw together. I often end up switching it up a bit – I use the method and the honey and olive oil base, then tend to throw in whatever spices I’m feeling! Today’s lunch needed to power me through some job applications (including one at Coach that is pretty much my dream job!) so I marinated some tofu and chopped up some broccoli to roast alongside. If you’ve not tried roasted broccoli it’s delicious – I either steam it or use this method most of the time. Chop it up, spray with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and put in a fairly hot oven (375 – 400F) for about half an hour.

A yummy lunch…. now if only I could eat it in peace and quiet if my annoying Chinese neighbour would stop blasting the worst of the 80s from his car and having shouted conversations with his mother!