Ok so with my slight running obsession, and weekly netball sessions, comes the justification I have for another (costly!) obsession. We don’t have any Lululemon stores in the UK, so coming to live in California opened me up to this amazing sportswear retailer!

Lululemon clothes manage to be cute, practical and comfy all at the same time – whilst they’re not cheap they’re really thoughtfully designed and stand up well to abuse. The shorts that you can see in the top right of the picture have built-in underwear (so you’re not flashing anyone at the gym if you use the machines etc.), and a great zippered key pocket at the back of the waistband. So much more comfy than one on your hip, which always drives me bonkers whilst running. The tops are also very cute, and the hoodie is so snuggly! The gym bag was great whilst I was doing my Master’s this year as it has a laptop compartment, plus tons of pockets to keep my stuff semi-organized. Yes, I did carry all my cr&p around San Francisco with me on a daily basis, I’m impressed I don’t have one shoulder about 4″ lower than the other one now!

If you’re looking for cute gym stuff, look no further! The stores also do lots of free events, such as yoga classes and running clubs… Sweet.