So in goings on of late, I’ve been applying for jobs all the time (ick, I *hate* writing cover letters with a passion) and catching up with various people, including at a birthday dinner on Thursday. We went to The Cheesecake Factory and naturally I left feeling as if I was about to keel over from being so full.

We also went to dinner last night at the Bottle Cap café, a new spot really near my house where I ate last week (and it was awesome then). I was hoping to post a really positive blog post but they were so inept last night they don’t deserve one… I swung by in the afternoon to book a table to be told they don’t take reservations – ok, we show up and there’s two free tables for 4 (our party size). BUT they’re booked. The server said that whilst they don’t take reservations, they do take ‘names’. The distinction eludes me but anyways. The food was good again but our waiter was also pretty useless and borderline rude so no glowing review from me! Hopefully this was just growing pains and they’ll pull it together.

In other news, this is what SF has looked like pretty much constantly lately, the fog has been insane! I played netball this morning and wore shorts as my phone told me it would be 22C later but no, the fog did not burn off as anticipated so I froze my ass off for a good while… Running around like a lunatic certainly warmed me up in the end though 🙂 Now I think it’s party time tonight…