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A couple of outfits from the weekend; the first was worn on Saturday night bar-hopping in the Marina. I did have plans for a nicer outfit involving a cute skirt but the dratted fog descended again and I didn’t fancy freezing…

Top: borrowed but Forever 21 I think

Jeans: J Brand Maria, seen here

Belt & bag: Reiss

Shoes: Marks & Spencer

Then the morning after the night before I headed downtown to pick up an iPad 🙂 (more to come on that later!) so wore this…

Shrug: Marks & Spencer

Top: American Eagle

Jeans: J Brand flares, bought on sale for £42 🙂

Bag: Gerard Darel

Sandals: My Old Navy bargains

Marks & Spencer is this very uncool chain in the UK who lately seem to keep doing the odd nice item… They’re more aimed at my parent’s generation and every now and again my mum will pick me up something cute, like this shrug or the heels I wore on Saturday (immensely comfy for heels!). I have heels I like better but they’re all sooo high and SF does not make life easy for stiletto-wearers, plus I’m already 5’8” so I don’t really care about extra inches. More the comfort of my feet!

And the last thing I wore on Sunday was this beautiful little necklace, which was a graduation gift from a family friend. He is from South Carolina and this is their state emblem, isn’t it cute?