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So as a graduation present my family very kindly gave me an iPad 2… I got a white one and I love it; a few months ago my mum got one sent to me in the US for her (as it’s waaay cheaper buying them here than in the UK) and said I should use it until someone could take it back for her. That went home with my dad after my graduation, but I have definitely missed having one… The main thing I love about it is the way you can download the British newspapers (still not feeling the US ones unfortunately) but The Times is great on an iPad. Flipboard is also pretty nifty; am still exploring lots of other apps so any suggestions welcome!

The Kindle store is great too; I just downloaded a load of French books that were free. I had to leave all my books in the UK as they’re just a *tad* impractical to carry across the Atlantic and I’ve really missed reading French literature. Now I have Les Fleurs du Mal and Les trois mousquetaires (aka The Three Musketeers), along with some other bits and pieces.

Now the only thing left is to find a cover I like. My mum got one of the Apple covers for hers; it’s kind of good in some ways but I didn’t like it enough to get one for mine. I found it annoying holding it back when I was reading, plus I’d prefer something that stopped the back of it from getting scratched too. There are lots of cute options out there, but some of them only work for the original iPad so my search goes on…

Rebecca Minkoff has some cute ones, but all the ones I like are for the original iPad I think.

This one from Shopbop.

This one from the Rebecca Minkoff site.

Same issue with this Kate Spade case, it’s also for the iPad 1…

From here.

Then these two are nice but pretty expensive…

Michael Kors sleeve from Net à Porter.

Very cute, very expensive Tory Burch case.

So in short have yet to find the perfect case! Any suggestions? 🙂