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I have two perfumes that I alternate between and both are by the English perfumer, Jo Malone. I first got onto her stuff via my mum, who loved the shop on Sloane Street in London, which for a long time was the only place where you could buy it. Then it spread to some of the upmarket British department stores such as Harvey Nicholls and Selfridges, and now I see it in shops in San Francisco! This peeves my mum, she hates it when a cute find of hers becomes pedestrian 🙂

The bigger bottle is Stephanotis & Cassia Cafe, which I couldn’t actually find on the website… I think it was a limited edition. It’s a light floral which I love and have actually been wearing most of the time since moving to California. Light & not too girly, as perfumes have a tendency to go a bit sickly on me. I love the smell of another Jo Malone perfume, Nectarine Blossom & Honey, but after I’ve had it on for 5 minutes I smell like some insipid, hair-twirling airhead. A family friend wears it though and it smells lovely on her!

The little bottle is a heavier scent, so I left my big bottle in the UK and only brought the small one. It’s called Pomegranate Noir and I love it, I wear it all the time in winter and at night. In fact when I was living in Edinburgh, my best friend would borrow my scarves (I have thousands from my travels in the Middle East) and would strop if they didn’t smell like me, ie. Pomegranate Noir.

This candle is a little tradition that seems to have started over the years; whenever I move into a new place I buy a lovely candle and all of a sudden it smells homey! My mum bought me a Jo Malone candle years ago (Orange Blossom) and it’s kind of continued from there. In Paris I bought a Diptyque candle (Mimosa) and here I bought Baies from the Diptyque shop on Maiden Lane. Both Baies and Mimosa are nice and light so you can put them in a small apartment without being overwhelmed.