When my dad came over to SF for my graduation, my mum sent him over with this book for me, mostly because it starts with a couple of students from the University of Edinburgh (where I went!). It’s not the most amazing book I’ve ever read but there are some nice lines, probably worth a read. It’s the story of a couple of friends who almost sleep together after their graduation (on St. Swithin’s Day), then revisits them on the same day every year.

On Thursday night we went to watch the film they just made from the book over at the Presidio Theater. We were in the tiniest screen ever – no joke there were only 32 seats in the whole room! I was intrigued to see the film as apparently the British press had trashed Anne Hathaway’s accent – she was meant to be from Leeds which has a very specific regional accent and she didn’t quite nail it… Ah well.

Could be worth a watch, I liked seeing two of my old cities (Edinburgh and Paris) in it! It was perfectly entertaining, if you’re looking for something to do…