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So lately goings on have been quiet; lots of applying for jobs which equals lots of writing cover letters, which I hate with a passion. Ugh. Oh well, you have to do these things!

I’ve also been productive and listing a load of textbooks on Amazon to sell… I don’t fancy lugging various weighty accounting tomes back to the UK with me whenever I move home. I have enough crap already! I also sold a couple back to Amazon directly which leads me to my next point… They gave me Amazon credit which in my abstinence from my typical book-buying-fiend ways I decided to put it towards a new watch, this Michael Kors one. I have a really lovely Gucci one that was my 21st present from my family (actually my dad bought it for my mum when I was born so it’s my age), and that’s very tasteful, so I thought I’d get something a bit more ‘loud’ and less classic.

I love it (well it’s cream, I would!) and have been wearing it constantly since I got it. Kind of blingier than my usual style but it’s fun to break with that from time to time!

I also had a nice girly day in the Marina, we went and got mani-pedis and wandered around the shops. The poor girl who was doing mine was horrified by my mangled toenail (someone stepped on my big toe during a netball match) and ended up gluing it back together for me… Being sporty is soooo attractive. I got ‘Wicked’ by Essie on both my hands and my feet, got bored of my summer tradition of nude fingernails and bright toenails. Here’s a shot of it on my hands, will spare you the poorly toenail!

Now I’m off to do some more job applications and book a rental car for a trip to Santa Barbara later this week 🙂