So my general blog slacking for the last few days had an excuse behind it – I went on a mini road trip with a couple of friends to Santa Barbara. It was lovely having the chance to hang out as now we’re done with our Masters programme, one is moving back to Amsterdam and the other is going back to Vancouver. Sad times! So as all good girly trips should, ours entailed lots of laughter and lots of sparkling wine, which in combination with a jacuzzi was pretty much perfection. Lots of good food was eaten, sunbathing was done and we also hit up the shops. The others had much more success in that department than I did though, I have to say.

Before I left I managed to remember to take a few pictures of what I took with me for the 3 days…

I’ve spoken before about my love for all things Liz Earle, and one of the other great things about the range is that you can buy everything in helpful mini sizes. I stocked up before I came to the US and again when I was at home at Christmas, so these accompanied me to Santa Barbara.

My trusty black clutch, which is sadly on the way out. The clasp is pulling away from the suede but it’s handily large, I can fit a surprising amount of cr&p in it! Plus my Kate Spade card holder and sunscreen.

Two bikinis (one from Victoria’s Secret and one that I bought in Gap when I lived in Paris), a sarong/scarf (that I wear as a dress over my bikini), denim shorts from Abercrombie and black J Brand jeans.

Tops – Abercrombie lace one, grey Gap shirt, silk Reiss top. Black tank top and stripy shrug.

And lastly the jewellery I took – Bauble Bar necklace, Michael Kors watch and some of my decent stuff – gold bangles I bought in Charleston, horse necklace that was a graduation present and my 21st birthday ring.

And best of all, this all fit in my teeny suitcase!