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To get back from Santa Barbara, I got a rental car and drove back to San Francisco (one friend I went with had to drop her car off in LA and the other was spending the weekend with a friend in Pasadena). It’s a decently long drive between the two (5-6 hours ish) so I decided to take a little break at the Gilroy Premium Outlets to get petrol and stretch my legs. Of course in the process I got a bit distracted by some of the shops and ended up having a quick scout around J Crew (didn’t find anything) and then my old standby, Forever 21. As much as I love the bargains you can find in shops like F21, I have to confess I don’t have much shopping stamina and lose patience rapidly when shops are busy and/or messy! Not ideal when it comes to bargain hunting… So this F21 was perfect as I was there on a Friday afternoon, it was quiet and neat! Hurray.

These were my finds…

A white blazer, as per my quest! I was hoping for one in a slightly smarter material, but I like the cut of this one and as it was only $27.80 I thought it would be silly not to buy it… And SF has even been obliging and provided me with lots of occasions to wear it in lovely sunny weather. Then a pack of fake pearl earrings, as I’ve lost one earring from two sets of real pearl earrings this year, vexing. A stretchy gold bracelet that I’ve been wearing on the same wrist as my Michael Kors watch, and finally a hammered ‘gold’ ring. I was pretty excited about the ring as I have tiny tiny hands, which makes finding good costume jewellery next to impossible. All the fun cocktail rings are generally far too big on me, but I can even wear this one on my ring finger it’s that small (usually if I find one, it needs to go on my index finger for it to not fall off).

I was extremely excited about my haul, and the best part of it all was that everything came to around $40… For someone not great at bargain shopping (see my Reiss obsession), I think I did okay 🙂