I’m generally pretty low maintenance when it comes to hair – the main reason why I keep it long, so I can tie it back or leave it to do it’s own thing if I want. Here are the products I use all the time to try and make myself look presentable 🙂

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is a lifesaver – it’s really cheap, you can buy it everywhere and it works wonders on coloured hair. It’s supposed to be a deep treatment one but it’s light enough that I use it every day.

The L’Oreal volumizer was swiped from my mum the last time I was at home 🙂 We have the exact same hair type – fine and straight but loads of it – and she always figures out the best products! It’s also nice and light, not sticky at all and gives my hair a bit more lift than it would have otherwise.

Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Hair Serum smoothes my ends as my hair is pretty long these days. It also smells yummy and isn’t at all heavy. It’s a tiny bottle but I’ve been using it for months – you don’t need much.

Other products I use occasionally….

Usually I just blow dry my hair upside down and leave it to do it’s thing. If I’m feeling motivated I blow dry it with a big round brush and pin up each section with those clips while it cools.

The Batiste dry shampoo is also something my mum discovered and sent over for me, not sure if you can get it here or not? It’s great for BIG hair or days when my hair is looking a bit flat and *meh*.

If I’ve curled my hair I always use this Elnett hairspray which is not too crispy or sticky. Lately though I’ve not curled my hair too much as I don’t have any hot rollers here in the US, and they’re the only thing I’ve found that gives me curls that actually stay in… Once I figure out my permanent location, I’m definitely going to invest in some as they’re so easy to use and give a great effect. Nice big curls instead of tight ringlets.