So the package that the USPS were holding hostage was one I was dying to get… My mama had been shopping in the UK and picked some things up from my a couple of my favourite shops and sent them over for me 🙂

My mum actually has really good taste in clothes and generally anything she picks I’ll like. We disagree sartorially about a green rainforest print jacket that she wants to bring back (I say let it die with the 80s) but usually her choices are fab and she is good at finding things that she knows I’ll like/will suit me. My birthday present this year included the blue and white dress I wore to my graduation, a top and a suit, which I love and also fits perfectly!

This lovely delivery included the following:

Pink silk tee shirt from Reiss. I have this in white and love it, although this one obviously needs an encounter with an iron first! I wear my white one with jeans and a big silver necklace or with my suit.

Reiss lace tee shirt. This one has already had an outing, for drinks at the King of Thai in North Beach. For SF people they have $2 beers – all the time. I kid not. I love this top, I just wore it with jeans but it’s a bit different.

Stripy jumper from The White Company. If you’re unfamiliar with The White Company, they do gorgeous bedding, towels and home accessories like candles and so on, as well as clothes for adults and the cutest baby stuff. Their clothes are pretty low key but always in lovely fabrics, and this jumper is really light and soft. Also included in my ‘British care package’ was a long sleeved white tee and a white racerback, also from The White Company.