One of the downsides of doing sports/athletic activities in general are the associated aches and pains that often go alongside. As I write this I have a stunted big toenail thanks to someone stepping on it playing netball and it breaking, it’s very attractive. However I have a little arsenal of helpful products that I rely on for alleviating the ouch!

Ice Pack – If I’ve been running or playing netball (and I can be bothered!) I usually ice my knees afterwards. I had a nasty run-in with shin splints years ago and I have found icing to be really helpful in managing these.

Icy Hot – This is my latest addition to the collection and I can’t believe I waited so long to get some! We don’t have this in the UK (I think), we have something similar called Deep Heat instead… After Bikram my hamstrings were killing me all week and this really helped!

Neosporin – Useful for when you wipe out, which seems to happen to me relatively frequently, unfortunately!

Arnica Cream – I bruise really badly and if I put this on just when I’ve bumped something, it stops the bruise coming out for the most part. Genius!

Wish I was less accident prone so I didn’t need these things but they’re pretty dang helpful 🙂