Has consisted of being a full-time job hunter, which basically involves me hanging out in a variety of different cafés in my neighbourhood, applying to jobs like a demon. Then I get mega-bored of staring at my computer ALL DAY so around 5pm when I’m about to turn into a basket case, I head out running… Which has been a high point of most days thanks to San Francisco’s Indian summer. The other night my run scenery looked like this – not bad hey?

That’s the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, and it’s not obscured by fog which is pretty exciting. I took the picture on my iPhone at the top of a hill I was made to run up by my male running buddy. He wanted to stop for a walking break when I was happy to keep running, then when we reach the foot of the hill he decides he’s ready to start sprinting. I might have used some bad words at that point 🙂