So after my two-week sabbatical (sorry about that one!) I am finally back in business. The last two weeks have been pretty hectic as I decided to leave my beloved SF to move back to Europe (better job scene, family and friends in the same time zone and 3 hours away tops as opposed to 12!). I spent a lot of time doing all the usual boring moving stuff but am now ensconced back at home, spending lots of time snuggling with my puppies and enjoying catching up with people!

Posting should become more frequent again and now I have a lovely big kitchen to cook in (as opposed to my teensy studio one!) keep an eye out for some more recipes soon.

In the meantime I saw this amazing hair tutorial on YouTube – how gorgeous are these curls?! The girl doing the video is a singer who performs some amazing covers that are also worth checking out. I am inspired to grow my hair super long after seeing this!