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1) This is how I now make toast… in a wire toaster on the Aga (a traditional cast iron oven that’s always on).

and related – 2) I am eating like a hobbit complete with this toast for ‘elevenses’. Perils of getting up at 6 am!

3) The only kind of cider on the go around here is most definitely alcoholic. In the UK cider is always boozy – I was a bit confused when I first arrived in the US and though Starbucks was selling alcoholic beverages alongside the coffee :).

4) I am mostly wearing these as my footwear out and about…

5) Starbucks has been replaced by DIY lattes at home…

6) And I get to snuggle with this puppy…

and this one… His life is tough, clearly, in case you couldn’t tell by his facial expression.