There’s a great new furniture website that’s been gaining quite a following in the UK, and for good reason too. Made.com eschews the traditional business model of furniture retailers and instead of selling either cheap tat or pricey designer furniture, sells beautiful, well-made items at reasonable prices. They manage to do this by grouping orders for their items every 7 days and only ordering what they need to fulfill orders, and buying direct from the manufacturer. After my business Masters I find their model pretty interesting but most importantly of all, the furniture is gorgeous!

Here are some of the pieces online at the moment that caught my eye…

Navy lamp, £89.

Bourbon commode, £149, also in this amazing hot pink!

This mirror is pretty rad, £69…

And I love this chaise, £389.

Thoughts? Wherever I end up moving next, I am definitely going to be checking this place out for something a bit different than your typical young-person-IKEA-décor!