After being in London last week and heading down again this coming week, I kept things fairly quiet this weekend. Saturday was taken up with an all-day paediatric first aid course; I worked in a kindergarten last year and completed a qualification before I started my Masters, but I need to do a 2 day first aid course before I can receive my certificate. The course fortunately wasn’t quite as dull as anticipated, although it involved the intriguing experience of performing CPR on adult, child and baby-sized dummies. Here’s to my sincere hope that I never need to use these skills!

In truly ‘special’ form I managed to do something to my back whilst doing the CPR so today’s run got transformed into a much more mellow dog-walking session. Some iPhone pics of the day…

Conditions underfoot were pretty wet & muddy!

And just down here you can see my little monsters as they go tearing off into the distance… Monty was sad as his favourite donkey wasn’t in his field today for him to gaze lovingly at!

Puppies are now both in a snit with me as the mud = bath time when we got back. Animal cruelty as far as they’re concerned!