I’m British and just moved home after 13 months living in San Francisco. I have also previously lived in Morocco, Paris, Cairo and Canada. These are just some thoughts on style, design, travel, books, cooking…. the list goes on!

Some things about me:

I chose the name Rose & Thistle for my blog because I’m my dad is Scottish and my mother is English – making me something of a British mixed-breed. The Scottish insignia is a thistle; the English (and that of my county, Lancashire) is a rose.

I studied French and Arabic at the University of Edinburgh for my undergrad. I speak fluent French and pretty decent Arabic (that stuff is hard!).

I am wildly accident prone. If you can imagine some special way a person can injure themselves, I’ve probably already done it…

Some things I love:

Breakfast, especially when eaten in a diner. Mmmm, coffee.

Reiss. All the way.

Exploring San Francisco, my beautiful city by the Bay.

Photography – both taking photographs and swooning over the beautiful work of proper photographers, from Jose Villa to Cartier-Bresson.

All things Apple – yep, total Mac geek here.

Packing my bags to jet off somewhere new, and ideally warm.

Countryside pub lunches in England, accompanied by my dogs, if they’re behaving themselves :).

Idling around in coffee shops when I should be doing something more productive!

Fancy wine bars and much less fancy dive bars. There’s a time and a place for both in my life!

Cooking – and feeding people. The technical name for this is sharing the calorific lode ;). Brownies clearly don’t count as calories when shared between a group of people….

Running along the Embarcadero – got to do something to counteract those brownies! This has since been traded for running trails in the cold English weather.

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